Samsung J500H Cert File Download Free & Without Password

Once again, we have come up with a new file for the Samsung device. This time, it’s J500H Cert File. It is mainly used for Samsung J5 smartphone. Do you want to know about it in details and download it for your Samsung J5? Then, go through the entire article. We are going to explain how this file works and why do you need it.

Samsung specially comes with these types of cert file to secure their users. However, it solves some primary issues, but actually, they are essential. However, lets dive into the topic and download Samsung J500H Cert File Dual Sim from below.

Samsung J500H Cert File

Download Link

Why do you require the Cert File?

Generally, when we dial *#06#, every smartphone shows us the serial number and IMEI numbers. If you dial the number above and your phone doesn’t show the IMEI, that means the number got invalid. The cert file contains a unique key id along with a specific IMEI number. When you write the cert file on your phone, it gets its IMEI back and solves your problem.

How to write J500H cert file without password

Here, we are showing you with a step by step method. You have to download some additional tool to finish the process.


  • Your phone must be rooted to accomplish this process.
  • You will require to download Z3X tool on your PC.

The process:

  • First, download the cert file from here.
  • Enable the USB debugging from the settings menu of your phone. If you don’t find developer mode, go to about and click on the build number 7-10 times. The developer mode will be open and then, you can enable the debugging option.
  • Connect your phone to the Z3X box and the box to the computer.
  • Run the Z3X tool on your computer.
  • After opening the tool, choose your phone model (J500H) from the list.
  • Sail across to the repair tab. If you don’t find the tab, click on ctrl button twice on the keyboard.
  • Now, go to the COM box and choose Samsung Mobile USB port.
  • Then, from the ADB box select your phone’s driver. (You might need to install the driver for that)
  • Now, click on Reset MSL on the right side and confirm by clicking on yes. Please wait for a moment and let it finish the processing.
  • Then, go to the backup tab and click on the Write CERT option. Select the J500H Cert File downloaded from here.
  • Wait for a moment to finish the process. Your phone will reboot, and your problem will be solved.


The cert file plays a significant part when it’s about fixing the IMEI problem. It also helps to fix the network blocking issue for some phones. It ensures your phone is official and you can find it if you lost your device.

Thank you for downloading the Samsung J005H cert file from here. Just follow the step by step process, that we have discussed above. Let us know if you can accomplish the method. Share it with your friends if you like this article. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness.

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